Start of Term
The Academy welcomes students back on the 5th of September. Year 7 begin at 8:15. Year 8 begin at 10:30.
Mr Barker’s Update- 19 April 2021

Mr Barker’s Update- 19 April 2021

Welcome to our fortnightly news letter. We are excited to share all the latest from Co-op Academy Belle Vue over the coming weeks and months. The progress we are making every single day is staggering, all with the end goal of opening up a fantastic school, not only for our new pupils in September but for our local community too.

Summer Term

We have finally started the summer term, the last push before the summer break. 140 days until we open Co-op Academy Belle Vue after years of planning, building and preparation. We hope you all have had a fantastic two week Easter break and are feeling refreshed and ready to capiltalise on the coming term.

Connell Campus update

We have installed a timelapse camera on site to capture all the building work that is being completed. This picture is from Monday 19th April.

We have had the topsoil removed and foundations have been dug. This will have concrete poured into them this week.

In the foreground you can also see where the playground is going to be. Before it is a playground though the builders are creating a bed for the large crane to use as a base when we have the classroom modules lifted into place. Keep coming back to our website where we will post our time lapse pictures.

New offers

On Friday all school sin Manchester were given pupil lists for this coming September. It was fantastic to see new pupils names of those who want to be Pioneers with us in September. We are sending out welcome letters and admission forms today so keep an eye out for tomorrow post! For us this year group is very special, these are our pioneers, the first every students of Co-op Belle Vue. The staff at Co-op Academy Belle Vue have been working hard to put your welcome packs together and we are looking forward to meeting you inthe coming months as part of our Transition Programme.

Spring competition

We were very impressed with the quality of entrants for the Spring competition over the last few weeks. We will announce the winners in May’s newsletter and share some of the images that were submitted.


Every newsletter we will have a focus on a particular topic that you will be studying when you arrive in September. This newsletter is focussing on some of the topics you will cover in history and maybe science too. We are setting you a history challenge with this link. Head on over to the Big History Project website and see how well you can do on the material and quiz.

Mr Barker