Start of Term
The Academy welcomes students back on the 5th of September. Year 7 begin at 8:15. Year 8 begin at 10:30.
Mr Barker’s Update- 4 May 2021

Mr Barker’s Update- 4 May 2021

Welcome to our fortnightly news letter. We are excited to share all the latest from Co-op Academy Belle Vue over the coming weeks and months. The progress we are making every single day is staggering, all with the end goal of opening up a fantastic school, not only for our new pupils in September but for our local community too.

Lots of progress

The last fortnight has been the busiest we have had so far with the Academy. We have been interviewing for more staff positions, the build has come on in leaps and bounds, we have chose our uniform and we have hosted (online) our first governors meeting! Plenty to catchup on in this update.

Meet the Governors

We’re appointing more Governors to help make Belle Vue the best it can be!

The next governor we are introducing is Kris Scales. Click here to see what he is most looking forward to!

Governors work with school leaders to make sure that the academy is doing the very best it can to keep pupils safe and help them achieve their potential. They have a crucial role in:

  • Setting the academy’s strategy, and making sure that the Co-op values and Ways of Being are part and parcel of school life
  • Holding the headteacher to account for the performance of the school and its pupils
  • Making sure that the academy spends its money in the most effective way possible

You can find out more about being a Governor on our Trust website.


Our uniform has been designed and we are placing our orders this week. If you are a parent of a pupil joining us in September, you will be receiving a later this month detailing how you can get yours on order ready for the first day at school. Here’s a sneak peak!

Build update

The footprint of the school building is now complete. The foundations have all been dug and the concrete poured. The next step is to instal a gas membrane over the entire ground and also attach the fittings that will anchor the physical building onto the concrete pillars (the small grey circles you can see in the middle of the building).

We will be releasing a time lapse of the April work very soon!


Our staffing structure is coming together now, we successfully interviewed for a SENCo and Assistant Vice Principal last week and we hope to complete the teaching staff this week with both maths and humanities interviews. More information about our new Staff will coming very soon!

Manchester Basketball Club

This weekend I was lucky enough to be invited to Manchester Basketball Club training. The setup is a fantastic one, and a group that we hope to be working with in the coming years. Not only do they offer basketball coaching to Manchester students and adults but they are a stones throw away from our new build at the fantastic National Performance Centre.

We can’t wait to share the news of how we plan to support the great work they are doing for the local community.

Mr Barker