Start of Term
The Academy welcomes students back on the 5th of September. Year 7 begin at 8:15. Year 8 begin at 10:30.
Mr Barker’s Update- 16 March 2021

Mr Barker’s Update- 16 March 2021

Welcome to our fortnightly news letter. We are excited to share all the latest from Co-op Academy Belle Vue over the coming weeks and months. The progress we are making every single day is staggering, all with the end goal of opening up a fantastic school, not only for our new pupils in September but for our local community too.

Interviews take place for our new Staff this week!

This week we begin our appointments of teaching staff. We had over 100 application forms submitted to us last week for our posts of English, maths and science and have a very difficult job this week. We are interviewing for each of these roles over three days at Connell Co-op College.

You can find out who will be joining us in our next newsletter, or if you can’t wait follow our Twitter for all the latest.


It National Offer Day a fortnight ago and we’ve already been flooded with phone calls and our first places have already been accepted. It’s so exciting to finally put some names down as the Pioneers of 2026!

If you want to contact the school to accept a place for this September, then please call 0161 250 3101.

Uniform update

I received the uniform samples we are likely going to be using come September and they look brilliant. They will give our pupils the professional feel that we hope to achieve at Co-op Academy Belle Vue. All those who have accepted places, we are busy planning your induction days so that you can get your free uniform in time for the first day back.

Pupil Packs

Our team has been very busy behind the scenes, we have also taken delivery of stationary that will go on to make your pupil packs. You can be sure to be ready for all your lessons with these packs. Just like the uniform, once you have accepted a place with us, we can get these sent out over the Summer holiday

English & Drama

Every newsletter we will have a focus on a particular topic that you will be studying when you arrive in September. This newsletter is focussing on some of the topics you will cover in English and Drama. Due to the lockdown you are able to watch productions of some of Shakespeare’s greatest works. Just go to Shakespeares’s Globe website and you can stream Shakespeare plays and performances online from the comfort of your home

Mr Barker