Start of Term
The Academy welcomes students back on the 5th of September. Year 7 begin at 8:15. Year 8 begin at 10:30.



Uniform shows that we are in a community. Wearing it says we’re all in this together.

Having a smart and professional attitude to dressing prepares students for the world of work.  Not only is it practical and smart, it also creates a shared identity for our academy community.

All students at Co-op Academy Belle Vue will be required to wear a uniform.

Main Uniform

  • Dark blue Academy Blazer showing the Co-op Academy Belle Vue logo (first one provided by the academy)
  • Academy grey jumper with blue stripe which must be worn at all times during the autumn term.
  • An Academy tie (the first one provided by the academy)
  • White shirt with a collar (not a polo shirt)
  • Black academy trousers or plain black pleated skirt (knee length or just above).
    Trousers must be straight, and must not be Lycra, denim or similar stretchy/skin-tight material 
  • Plain black socks (knee or ankle length) or black tights are permitted. 
  • Plain black shoes (no trainers, pumps, canvas, patterns, accessories or excessive decorative features). Shoes should not be on or above the ankle (i.e. no boots)
  • Muslim girls are permitted to wear a plain black headscarf 

PE Kit

  • Academy polo shirt and/or long-sleeved multi top (purchased from the academy)
  • Dark blue/black shorts
  • Suitable trainers
  • Optional  – Blue/black tracksuit bottoms

Jewellery & Accessories 

  • Watches are the only jewellery to be worn in the academy
  • Hair bands to be discreet and either black or dark navy blue. 
  • All long hair must be tied back and must not obscure the face
  • Only natural hair colours are permitted to be part of hairstyles
  • No shaved patterns are to be part of hairstyles. 
  • No facial/tongue/body piercings are allowed. 
  • No obvious makeup should be worn
  • Nail varnish or acrylic nails are not allowed. 

All new students at the academy are given a blazer and tie free of charge. You can buy most of the other items from major supermarkets or school uniform suppliers.

Branded academy uniform is available to buy via our ParentPay app for collection from the school.