Start of Term
The Academy welcomes students back on the 5th of September. Year 7 begin at 8:15. Year 8 begin at 10:30.

Values and Ethos

Values and Ethos

As part of Co-op Academies Trust we are guided by our cooperative values and principles.

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Our Values

Our values are shown through the Co-op Ways of Being:

Being Co-op is about creating an environment that celebrates difference. Somewhere both students and colleagues feel responsible, valued, empowered and trusted to do the right thing for each other and our community.

The four Ways of Being Co-op guide our future – no matter what we do, they’re how we do it.


Our Values are based on those of all co-operatives:

Self-help – so that we can help ourselves to improve and make a positive contribution to society

Self-responsibility – so that we take responsibility for, and answer to our actions

Democracy – through having a say in how we run our Trust and the academies

Equality – through ensuring that the voice of each individual can be heard

Equity – a fair and unbiased community

Solidarity – through sharing interests and common purposes for the benefit of all.

We work to the co-operative ethical values of:

Openness – we believe in being open and sharing information and ideas to raise the outcomes of children and young people and improve their life chances

Honesty – we act in a professional and respectful manner in our dealings with everyone

Social responsibility – we maximise our impact on those in our communities while minimising our footprint on the world

Caring for others – we treat everyone as we wish to be treated ourselves, understanding that children and young people have one childhood.